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Denver SEO claims, tactics etc…. puke

I’ve learned there’s a newcomer to the Denver SEO scene that is claiming they own the term “Denver SEO”.  I guess this spammer has been trying to top rankings for the term (try referrals buddy) and thinks it’s so important to accuse competitors of trying to “steal” his trademark.  Simply by paying 20 bucks to […]

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – Haiti Earthquake

Royal Caribbean wants you to see a completely different Haiti.  “Labadee” is what’s called a leased part of the island that the cruise line calls “private” and is one of the many places their tanning customers get to visit.  It’s in Haiti.  It’s 70 miles from the devastation at Port-au-Prince. Personally I think it’s disgusting […]

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Conceived in Liberty

Sign The Declaration Just a workin’ man without

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SEO Speaker

I wrote about an seo fraud in the Denver seo space several months back.  I was thinking about placing a video there about the seo speaker that was selling his inept seo services on that post admitting to a fraud. I’m writing this post to place another web property out there to use if this […]

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Thanks To SEO Mentors and Fans

After believing

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Denver SEO Fraud and Knox Update

The Denver SEO fraud! I was a little upset when I was contacted last month from a “client” that was pretty upset that “I” took a bunch of money from them and didn’t provide the contracted service. “Ummm…. Who are you?” It turns out there’s an “SEO Speaker” here in Denver that is selling THEIR […]

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Andrew Hillman Boston MA. Content Thief

A quick puke. As I work and throw out some posts to keep this puppy live and quietly reorganize my company I realized today that Andrew Hillman of Boston MA was called out.

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God Reads the Knox Blog

Turns out God reads this blog. I received an email that says: “May God find you and touches your heart once and for all to stop the attitude you’ve taken upon you with this web site to condem many.” It was from “” so I gave it some attention. It was also from the same […]

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PageRankPimp, Splogger – Bites The Dust

Frustrated with the same scraper splog for a while, (many of you have noticed this in your WordPress dashboard) – I’m happy to see they have apparently been nuked. Hopefully the efforts I’ve put forth finding others scraped by them have resulted in their AdSense account being banned; hence their removing the splog, finally. […]

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Real Estate SEO – Defamation Per se

Defamation Per se Some statements are so defamatory that they are considered defamation per se; and the plaintiff does not have to prove that the statements harmed his reputation or that the statements were false. The classic examples of defamation per se are allegations of serious sexual misconduct; allegations of serious criminal misbehavior; or allegations […]

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Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World

Real estate webmasters is having a contest called Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World. It was the idea of Eric Bramlett but being pushed by REW and Eric Blackwell. There’s my entry —————– > Basically on May 1st they’ll see who is ranking for that term. So, legally defined, an agent works on behalf […]

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Real Estate SEO Ugliness and Libel

Sloppy and unethical SEO’s are walking a fine line between competitive SEO and committing crimes. I’m getting a lot of queries for some terms that most wouldn’t see on this site for the posts containing those words are now deep inside. I’m also getting a lot of hits from known ip’s that are watching and […]

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LanGard MicroDevelopers LLC (very limited)

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Web 2.Oh-My-God

More and more as we work and play services and toys are netting together with web technologies that weren’t in existence at the turn of the millennium, under your nose and in plain sight. Just as we voluntarily accepted the carrying of GPS locators (cell-phones) we are also volunteering our personalities. Would you have done […]

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Google PR Splashback

The diagram to the right is to aid you guys who may later complain about splashback. Here’s a quick ramble, not a rant. Another common sense issue. A while back I wrote about some sites getting “penalized” by Google after the discovery of some spammy techniques used to boost their search rankings. I bring this […]

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Denver SEO Shoots Straight

Going back to what I do, I’m an SEO here in Denver. I was asked today about my little tagline I use in email: “A Denver SEO That Shoots Straight” I used to have and here it is. It’s a play on words. In my former life I was an officer. Today, I’m an SEO. […]

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