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Always Blame the Web Guy

Rant: I received a BUNCH of email over night. I was a little confused because there wasn’t any content in the BODY of any of them.  This person was pretty irritated too – hinted by the PARAGRAPHS of text put in the SUBJECT line of each msg. YES – Their email was getting bounced back […]

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SEO, Music, Driving – umm, yeah.

The video is lame and shaky, but it doesn’t really matter – it’s visual filler. I’ve taken this month “off” from work, yes – spent it with family and close friends. During this local vacation I took advantage of the light winter.  Before the recent storm hit I drove up to Conifer with my friend […]

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Social Networking – Knox Style

Ok ok ok.  Not what you’d think but I had a good time, so it’s worth it.  Last night I sent a tweet saying “Hey, meet us for a drink and I’ll talk about ya” and a couple showed up. A friend named Jim who’s a Calgary real estate agent showed his desire too, but […]

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Testing Flip Mino HD in Car for New Website

I have a lot of excess clips from testing the FLIP HD for an upcoming video blog.  Instead of dumping it, here is some with various lighting.  I tried it from within a car.  This seams to be where the Flip suffers – no image stabilization. Below is the result.

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Who Do I Look Like? MyHeritage, WTF

Jaz showed me MyHeritage where she had her photo scanned and compared to celebrities.  She’s pretty, so the results would be too, that makes sense. Hers came back with a pattern that mixes Josie Maran, Kate Beckinsale, Fiona Xie, Brooke Burns and Kristin Davis.  Not bad. Then I did mine….  now I have a complex, […]

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The Website Is Down

A friend of mine in Louisville sent me a video today that just had me rollin’ in laughter.  For anyone working on the net this will crack you up.  The number of little jokes, nerd humor, frustrations and client assumptions are amazing.  This poor guy can’t even play Halo without getting interrupted. Thanks Scott!

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EBA, Fight Club, Blogroll and Odds

The URL of this domain is odd, I know.  I REALLY don’t want to change it for the links built are natural, from blogs and tech forums and the nightmare of emailing… you get the idea. I’m seasoning other urls for the “business” side of this as some know but I’m still left with this […]

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Denver SEO Bandwagon – Join Me

I’m jumping on the social bandwagon. Join me at LinkedIn for Denver SEO and let’s help each other out.

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Competition for Attention

Starbucks is the second office to many, especially me. It’s great for meetings and banter. The atmosphere is wonderful and caters to the family as well. My iPhone gives me the opportunity to capture the oddities of my town while appearing to be working. SEO is a little more difficult than what this confused lady […]

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A Bust Gut & Clean Colon

This morning started light. I blog, so I also read blogs. Sometime I cross a headline that makes my dog wonder what’s wrong with me as his ears perk up while I spontaneously bust out laughing. Two of them here. First was found by David Naylor and the headline is Great tits cope well with […]

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Jimmy Buffett – Success While Relaxing

Jimmy has been motivating me lately (I really need my beach), thought I’d share a great 7 min clip “Far Side of The Word” – a classic song with a great video track. Huh? You wanted an SEO article? There’s one below this one. Relax! Jimmy will help.

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I’m Lucky, I Know – Fort Knox

For those who groan at braggadociuos posts just move on. (Most likely to a different site) Several days ago I threw up a video on Denver in 3D using Google Earth. Coincidentally, I experienced the same thing personally yesterday. Yes, this is skite, but there’s nothing like being picked up in a helicopter by a […]

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Knox Favorite 2007 Web Flicks

Ok, my plate is pretty full so this isn’t a grand post. Below is a snapshot of my current desktop – you see I’m pretty busy. Even with Mac OSX’s great filing system you can still easily fill your desk (and month) with work. Instead of meat, I’ll give a splash of entertainment tonight.

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Denver in 3D – Google Earth

Found this video showcasing Google Earth and Denver at It’s pretty cool, shows our home (well mine) and I thought it was fun to play around with Google Earth again, it’s addictive.

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Holiday Escape Without Bruises

Yes, I’ve been a little busy. I’ve had a few “Where are you’s”, “Are you dead’s?” and such. No – I’m still kickin’ around but did have to take a bloggin’ break to finish some projects. I learned to NOT announce my breaks for that’s when I seem to get hacked….. As well as finishing […]

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Muffin Top Distracted Me

I was going to write a post about Internet trends tonight. But Britney Spears, with her “comeback” on the MTV awards really hit me, one more time…. with her degrading body and silly moves at the MTV awards on September 9th. Yes, she’s getting fat, (not as fat as denver fat chicks) but she was […]

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