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How To Add Registration, Gallery and More To Diverse Solutions WordPress Plugin

As many know, I’ve been heavily into Real Estate SEO for a good amount of time.  I LOVE the Diverse Solutions plugin for WordPress because it allows you to have an integrated IDX on your site. That’s just step one though.  It’s limited.  It basically spits out the IDX data but that’s where it ends.  People who […]

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Denver Real Estate SEO Tutorial

Real Estate Webmasters has a good tutorial on how to an honest 301 redirect for a denver real estate client of theirs.  The reason for doing it is honest and it’s a good place to learn the correct process with Google.  Check out Morgan’s article to learn about it.

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Flip Mino HD, YouTube, Encoding Tutorial

Rich media such as as video on a website is something we all want, don’t you?  But quality equipment usually doesn’t lend itself to an amateur. The Flip Mino HD is most likely the

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301 Categories – Half Dirty SEO

Real fast – I was emailed a question like this today about 301’s and categories so I’ll share the method.  I say “half dirty” becasue though 301’s are common in SEO some will call it spam or black hat. This is common to many people, I’m not trying to impress anyone but sometime simple ideas […]

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Stuck Apple Mighty Mouse Fix

Every Apple mac user with a Mighty Mouse has had the eventual problem where their ball stopped scrolling vertically.There are hundreds of videos and papers on how to properly disassemble your mouse (break it) and you have the option to go buy a new one. Before you do any of that just

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Quick iPhone Template Answer

I have a few requests that should have been included in the iPhone app template so here it is. How to add “content” to the home page before or within the menu. Here are some methods using the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World app for an example. “Doug” bought me a few beers […]

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Quick WordPress Tip By Michael Gray

SEO Michael Gray (read him) had a video about WordPress and duping your content. A friend asked about robots.txt attributes and instead of typing it out I thought I’d share this WordPress SEO tip with all of you.

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Custom Flash Slideshows

Creating your own custom flash slideshow is easy when you have a starting point. Real estate agents like these, they’re the greatest. Here it is. Download the flash slideshow template at the end of this post and start creating your own that you can incorporate into your web site and wow the world.

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iPhone Detection and Redirection

Yes, you can detect when an iPhone or iPod Touch is browsing your website, and direct them to an iPhone friendly version. Just insert the following code in the header of your page and amend it to address your target (iPhone version) location. UPDATED – As of iPhone Safari 2, the script isn’t accurate. The […]

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Custom iPhone Icons for Web Apps

Real quick iPhone and Touch developers. If you want to have a custom icon shown on the home screen when someone makes a web-clipping of your site instead of a thumbnail of the page, it’s very easy. Not only does it polish off your efforts, it also makes the clipping more useful for your users. […]

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‘Ping’ – Sounds Like ‘Bring’

WordPress by default will let Ping-o-matic know you have updated posts and then ping a few other services. A ‘Ping’ is a basic program that lets you verify that a particular Internet address exists and can accept requests. The verb ping in the Blog world means the act of notifying a service you have updated […]

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Better WordPress Header Images

I love WordPress, but it’s pretty dang ugly out of the box. Yes, there are many free themes you can download, some of them are nicer looking, most suck for SEO, some are average and a couple are pretty good. Most avid bloggers don’t want a blog that looks like another, so a

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Retaining Readers By Adding Content

2007 is over. I’ve added the 4th Quarter ‘Bragstat’ below, with markers of when I posted here. The purpose though isn’t to say “look at my #’s” but to remind everyone that posting new content brings past readers back to your blog. Bottom line is that if your site goes stale, so will your numbers. […]

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SEO’s, Webmasters – Protect Client Content

Update your copyright notice. WordPress users, depending on your theme – your copyright may be echoed and you don’t need to worry. If it’s not and it’s hard-coded in your footer then fix it in your theme’s ‘footer.php’ file. You can do this in your WordPress Dashboard if permissions were set properly by your web […]

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Free iPhone Ringtones – No Hacking

It’s easy, it’s legal and it’s safe. STOP paying Apple to make custom ringtones for your iPhone! If you think iTunes is the only way beside trying to hack your half-grand toy then think again. iTunes makes you PAY, hacking can “brick” it – but a quiet release of Garage Band will do it for […]

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Google Indents – Doubles Are Good!

The coveted “double listing” or “indents” on a Google SERP is not an accident or just plain luck. Site architecture and link strategies working in concert is what will reward you with a double listing. More importantly it will generate more visits to your site – that means more money! But why stop there? Niche […]

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