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Simply The Easiest Way To Go Mobile

Most of the people coming to this site are looking for ways to create iPhone web sites or web applications.  Without the need to find your way through the cumbersome Apple SDK or learn to code, iKnox is providing a way for almost anyone to quickly build (and be proud of) mobile projects. The great […]

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iPhone SEO – Web Apps and AdSense

iPhone SEO will make you money and also strengthen your non-iPhone website targets. Why SEO an iPhone ported site? Several reasons.  An additional site will displace your competition in organic search results. They can make you money.  They’re unique and offer greater capability to your customers.  Most importantly,  THEY GARNER HONEST LINKS!

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Content Demoted To Queen

Every SEO regurgitates the phrase “Content is King” but I think the claim needs revaluation. Search engine gurus have spouted the phrase for quite a while, but have you noticed just how many sites are ranking with very little, or scraped content?

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Don’t Look At Me – YOU Killed Your Website

After a website becomes successful, after the SEO is on to newer projects, it happens. A phone rings on the hip of the SEO responsible for that beautiful 1st page search result of last month. “What happened? Why did it fall?” Here it is: short list.

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SEO As Afterthought Can Kill Your Business

I can understand the thought process. A company holds a meeting and it’s decided that they want/need a website. They shop around, gather bids and ultimately write a huge check to some firm or somebody for a state-of-the-art website with so many bells and whistles that it would make Cpt. Kirk envious. This company has […]

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Tell Them It’s Google Probation

There always come the time you’re asked about the “sandbox” by your clients – the “time delay”, whatever you may call it, whatever they may think it is. While it’s possible to defeat this “filter” you need to be cautious and not promise success. Instead, I resort to a little metaphor I call “probation” and […]

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“Green Hat” SEO

You’ve read it, you’ve heard it. The “ethical” seo’s say “we’re white hat” and that the evil ones are “black hat” – c’mon. I too, in my “office” mode and voice will spout it, yes I am a “white hat” seo. WHY would any real seo say they were evil? To most prospects, this works. […]

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