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Not Just an iPhone Template

iKnox 2.0 Template Is For ANY Industry

Nowhere else will you find and use an iPhone template system that’s this easy to use, offers so many features, presents natively with a fluid feel, is app enabled on iPhones and also renders as expected on Android systems. You’ll have your mobile project up and running in minutes, while presenting the world a polished, unique and professional mobile presence.

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, says “before you do anything, do mobile”. Now you, your company or even your clients can.

Let’s Face It

Other systems and plug-ins simply re-render your current theme to FAKE the interface. You want a native feel. You want it to behave as users expect and not just flip through tiny web pages like other systems do.

iKnox is the real deal integrated into the WordPress theme itself. The iPhone template items are actually a part of the framework. And the projects even render as expected on Android systems.

You Style It

You can use a color picker to choose your background color or even upload your own image. Gloss on the toolbar and buttons will be automatically applied to match your preference giving your project a polished, professional look. You even have over a dozen pre-set styles to start you off. Literally millions of original color schemes are possible to make your project unique.

You Brand It

You can upload your own header for branding that will be displayed under the toolbar. Matching your body style to the colors complimenting your custom header will easily brand your iPhone project to your company or taste.

You Build Menus

You’ve seen iPhone systems that fake the interface, basically creating tiny web pages that flip from page to page. This is not so with iKnox. IKnox 2.0 adds the real, mobile experience with fluid horizontal scrolling withing menus and pages . You can easily build your menu system as deep as you would like and the native “back” button allows your users to intuitively browse your project in a manner they expect.

You Manage It

Adding content is as simple as publishing a page. Even widgets are enabled and you can add your own HTML code and assign that to meet your goals and ideas.

You Interact With Other Apps

Short code buttons are added to the WordPress editor to allow you to easily add mobile-compliant links tin order to integrate with other apps.

Why We Used WordPress

It’s WordPress, that means anyone who has used it is already an expert! And, anyone who has designed with WordPress can tweak it in infinite ways. There are over a dozen preset body styles to help get you started and the possibilities after that go on and on. And every complete project can be submitted to the Apple directory, not only giving you exposure and traffic but also a couple nice powerful links.

Single Use, Or Developer License

A Single Use license and if you’re a developer you can get the Developer Package allowing you to use iKnox on as many sites as you’d like and also be eligible for upgrades later. For those who would like to sell iKnox, we’re putting together an affiliate system for you.