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What I Normally Do (Outside of iPhone Fun)

NO, it’s not all about SEO.

Executive Editor, Tom Merritt at c|net says “Knox has a reputation”

You should too!

If I told you “I do SEO” I SHOULD lose all credibility – that’s for the guy that feels compelled to bill you for placing your site on page one of Google. Yes – I do that, but your presence will be all over page one and more, it will displace the current authorities. Your voice will be in every forum, blog and murmur in your industry.

SEO in and of itself does nothing – you need web properties to optimize. Yes, we’ll build them, but that’s usually a fraction of what you need. You need to project your brand and voice louder than your competitors. You need to interrupt every conceivable channel – become the referred to authority for any question that arises in your niche. You should have defenders with various voices, advocates and a seemingly omnipotent ability to stifle the negative forces out to hurt you, your brand and your character.

You will not float to the top – you will conquer and control your industry niche on the web. Relationships will be built and nurtured with friendly internet forces who will collectively promote your enterprise. Your competition will be monitored, distracted and led away from your niche – chasing phantoms and rumors, exhausting themselves and making seeded mistakes.

Reputation Management – Your Most Valuable Asset is YOUR NAME

Reputation Management is coupled with any intelligent web-presence campaign. Your company will be “flying above the radar” and you better be able to defend yourself, your investment and reputation. Not just from your lone upset customer making a fuss in a forum but from the competition you have displaced – they will notice your presence and will most likely be more than upset. You will have taken their customers, their money and their “entitled” authoritative status. You will have encroached upon “their turf” and will be hiring people like me (well, not just like me) to battle you online and attempt to topple your presence or attack your brand, products, services or integrity. We’ll hold the line for you and you run your business.

Gain control of your industry on the web and you make the rules, you set the standards and you profit.

Many clients don’t have me perform all the work for them for they have a capable internal team – but they need to learn some things. I’ll often train these professionals to monitor your “space” and be sure they understand how to best employ either counter-measures, moles or when and how to aggressively launch a campaign.

For SEO purposes I’ll teach them how to strip out the forces hurting your presence while amplifying those that benefit you.

The Bottom Line

Every enterprise has many variables. It’s impossible to offer a price table for services. Your goals, current status and industry dynamics are unique and so should be your strategy.

Denver SEO & Reputation Management – Mostly

I live in Denver, Colorado so I prefer to work with Denver based companies and individuals. Not just because I’ve earned the ability to turn down clients due to my success but because it also benefits the company. You meet me and my team, face to face. You shake my hand, have coffee with me, argue with me, learn from me and ultimately hive-five me. Yes – I travel when made worth while.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss your situation and ambitions (or problems) and we can certainly create a plan of action. I’d be happy just consulting with you over the phone to unleashing a team of minds like mine to work on your behalf.

Passionate and confident – influence and reach. Contact me if you think it’s time for your business to get serious.

You found this blog for a reason.  Your company will be as well.