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PageRankPimp, Splogger – Bites The Dust

Frustrated with the same scraper splog for a while, (many of you have noticed this in your WordPress dashboard) – I’m happy to see they have apparently been nuked. Hopefully the efforts I’ve put forth finding others scraped by them have resulted in their AdSense account being banned; hence their removing the splog, finally. […]

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3 AdWords CTR Improvement Tips

Playing with Google can be lots of fun, but some may want a few tips before playing. There are a few types of AdWords users. 1 – Companies trying to drive people to their websites to sell goods and services. 2 – People who want to drive people to their websites to push more ads […]

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Adsense – Sure, It’s YOUR $

I’ve said I’m not having adsense on this blog, but with the added traffic over the last week, well, I take it back. Plus I had to remove it from another site, grrrr. I am NOT asking anyone to click on them! Don’t do it!!

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