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Simply The Easiest Way To Go Mobile

Most of the people coming to this site are looking for ways to create iPhone web sites or web applications.  Without the need to find your way through the cumbersome Apple SDK or learn to code, iKnox is providing a way for almost anyone to quickly build (and be proud of) mobile projects. The great […]

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iKnox 2.0 – Not Just an iPhone Template

Something different. Something easier. Something better. Have you ever wanted an App enabled mobile site but don’t know how to build one? The truth is that if you can use WordPress, you’re already an expert. Do you want it to FEEL native and fluid? Do you want to manage not just the content but all […]

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iPad Works For Web Guys – Closer to Laptop Than SmartPhone

First of all, the iPad is NOT just a big iPhone as droid fans and those who don’t have an iPad may say. This device, with a few apps and familiarity with the iPhone interface is closer to a laptop (for me) than it is any smartphone. To evaluate it and see if it’s a […]

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Countdown to iPhone Anger about 3Gs

I admit I’m a fan of the iPhone.  But, unlike those that camp out for days to be one of the first to acquire a new Apple toy (like these guys a week ahead of the release), I am waiting a week or so. Yeah, my phone has been dropped and kicked a few times […]

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Stuck Apple Mighty Mouse Fix

Every Apple mac user with a Mighty Mouse has had the eventual problem where their ball stopped scrolling vertically.There are hundreds of videos and papers on how to properly disassemble your mouse (break it) and you have the option to go buy a new one. Before you do any of that just

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Over $100,000 Worth of iPhones Saved

It was actually my first app for iPhone but didn’t submit it to Apple. So I did now and they took it. Thanks to all of you who have sought out the wares and used them and left some great comments and sent nice thanks. From all the “Thank yous” this lone app has rescued […]

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iPhone Detection and Redirection

Yes, you can detect when an iPhone or iPod Touch is browsing your website, and direct them to an iPhone friendly version. Just insert the following code in the header of your page and amend it to address your target (iPhone version) location. UPDATED – As of iPhone Safari 2, the script isn’t accurate. The […]

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Custom iPhone Icons for Web Apps

Real quick iPhone and Touch developers. If you want to have a custom icon shown on the home screen when someone makes a web-clipping of your site instead of a thumbnail of the page, it’s very easy. Not only does it polish off your efforts, it also makes the clipping more useful for your users. […]

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Apple is featuring an app intended for medical use developed by Health Web I.T. and it utilizes my iPhone template system.

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Free iPhone Ringtones – No Hacking

It’s easy, it’s legal and it’s safe. STOP paying Apple to make custom ringtones for your iPhone! If you think iTunes is the only way beside trying to hack your half-grand toy then think again. iTunes makes you PAY, hacking can “brick” it – but a quiet release of Garage Band will do it for […]

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Heads Up, iPhone Users

Apple will be releasing a firmware update very soon to version 1.1.2. If you have “jailbroken” your phone, don’t install the update for it will most likely “brick” your phone to a useless paperweight. Jail breakers, be sure to check your firmware version before visiting the snap-app site for one missed click could trigger the […]

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Top Dozen Knox Articles

Looking over my logs I’ve found the top dozen most popular articles I’ve posted (ratio of views/day) and have listed them below. Together they really do cover the purpose of this blog, so I guess I’m happy. Greg Boser Dispatches The Black Helicopters – Complaints from a realtor that blames an SEO for his trouble. […]

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Fixing iPhone Stuck Pixels

Update: iPhone 7 and 7+ Compatible This is the exact original solution featured on C-NET. We hope it helps you resolve some frustration with those annoying stuck pixels:) You love your iPhone, but like me, you may have began to see some stuck pixels. Stuck pixels are not dead pixels – they’re stuck on a color […]

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iPhone Wallpaper For Guys

I’m tired of fish, plants and pretty landscapes. Are you? You may have managed to neuter yourself and get an iPhone. I mentioned before in iPhone with testosterone where to get a great iPhone sleeve that isn’t clear or pink, that’s a start. As far as the wallpaper that comes with the iPhone, Apple may […]

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iPhone With Testosterone

So I was away for a few days. Yes, I was playing with my new toy. Go get your girly gooey gadget (I did) but don’t cry when you drop it – the scuffs and scratches may do just that! I KNOW! EVERYONE is blogging about the iPhone. I’m not. Yes, this device is wonderful […]

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Mac Users Suffer From “Perceived Dirty Hands Syndrome”

Macs are pretty… out of the box. All Mac users suffer from “perceived dirty hands syndrome”. We can be seen pulling shirt cuffs over our fists to shine our laptops before turning them around for someone else to use.

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