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301 Categories – Half Dirty SEO

Real fast – I was emailed a question like this today about 301’s and categories so I’ll share the method.  I say “half dirty” becasue though 301’s are common in SEO some will call it spam or black hat. This is common to many people, I’m not trying to impress anyone but sometime simple ideas […]

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God Reads the Knox Blog

Turns out God reads this blog. I received an email that says: “May God find you and touches your heart once and for all to stop the attitude you’ve taken upon you with this web site to condem many.” It was from “” so I gave it some attention. It was also from the same […]

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PageRankPimp, Splogger – Bites The Dust

Frustrated with the same scraper splog for a while, (many of you have noticed this in your WordPress dashboard) – I’m happy to see they have apparently been nuked. Hopefully the efforts I’ve put forth finding others scraped by them have resulted in their AdSense account being banned; hence their removing the splog, finally. […]

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Quick WordPress Tip By Michael Gray

SEO Michael Gray (read him) had a video about WordPress and duping your content. A friend asked about robots.txt attributes and instead of typing it out I thought I’d share this WordPress SEO tip with all of you.

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Retaining Readers By Adding Content

2007 is over. I’ve added the 4th Quarter ‘Bragstat’ below, with markers of when I posted here. The purpose though isn’t to say “look at my #’s” but to remind everyone that posting new content brings past readers back to your blog. Bottom line is that if your site goes stale, so will your numbers. […]

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Who Does Your Blog Serve? – by ProBlogger

This is a great vid from Darren Rowse. He asks some great questions that I really had to think about. Click To Play After listening to Darren, I considered all of it. Hmm…. what do I get out of this blog? As ProBlogger is about “making money from blogging” this site is not that, I […]

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No Anchor Advantage

As a gift to readers (some have noticed) I have the infamous “no-follow” tag removed from comment links to reward those that comment. My viewers are a shy bunch for they rarely comment. My logs show that I’m pushin’ close to 0% – then I compare that to the actual email I receive from here […]

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Short List To Unique Blogs

A tech savvy viewer won’t give you any credibility if your blog looks like everything else. Get a unique look. I love this wordpress template generator. No, I wouldn’t use its generated template as a theme, but it’s a great way to experiment with colors and gain inspiration. If you find something you like you […]

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15 Step SEO For WordPress Blog

I’ve had several inquiries on how to seo a WordPress blog. If you are able to know you need it, and capable of doing it – I doubt I’ll be able to sell you any service. So, here’s a list of tips that will get your WordPress blog rollin’. First of all, WordPress is a […]

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