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People Empowered By Web, Not Business

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Business does not drive the web, people do. Most businesses miss this, and in part, what I believe, contributed to the Dot.com implosion. Companies saw the web only as a new marketing opportunity to sell more widgets.

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Please Say Goodbye To Corporate Hello’s

The web is as necessary to business today as the telephone was a decade ago, yet so many businesses use it as nothing more than a digital business card. Ok, your expensive “corporate hello” may be great – if it were still 1998.

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Your Image & Your Website

Businesses, institutions and governments all use the same tools and broadcast media – the buildings, logos, websites, brochures, press releases and speeches – all to convey their “image”, their “brand”. Individually and collectively the difficulty begins when we cross the line of believability – when that image we have for these businesses and individuals are […]

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Online Brochures Redundant Failures

Try it – ask a business “why do you want a brochure?” and they will just stare at you like you just said something you weren’t supposed to bring up. A brochure is a given – a standard procedure, a marketing cliché. This is why so many websites are failures – they are no more […]

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