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SEO As Afterthought Can Kill Your Business

I can understand the thought process. A company holds a meeting and it’s decided that they want/need a website. They shop around, gather bids and ultimately write a huge check to some firm or somebody for a state-of-the-art website with so many bells and whistles that it would make Cpt. Kirk envious. This company has […]

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“Green Hat” SEO

You’ve read it, you’ve heard it. The “ethical” seo’s say “we’re white hat” and that the evil ones are “black hat” – c’mon. I too, in my “office” mode and voice will spout it, yes I am a “white hat” seo. WHY would any real seo say they were evil? To most prospects, this works. […]

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Post One From Knox

I know the song, I knew a girl whose face could launch a thousand ships. Without the fanfare I gotta get it rolling somehow. My nickname is Knox. Some call me other things, other names… a clever person (or stalker) can easily figure it out but I write under under Knox to provide some safety […]

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