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I’m Lucky, I Know – Fort Knox

For those who groan at braggadociuos posts just move on. (Most likely to a different site) Several days ago I threw up a video on Denver in 3D using Google Earth. Coincidentally, I experienced the same thing personally yesterday. Yes, this is skite, but there’s nothing like being picked up in a helicopter by a […]

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Denver in 3D – Google Earth

Found this video showcasing Google Earth and Denver at It’s pretty cool, shows our home (well mine) and I thought it was fun to play around with Google Earth again, it’s addictive.

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Denver Survives Weather Without Crying

I didn’t write this, it came to me in an email floatin’ around and am compelled to share it – credit to the unknown author. Weather Bulletin – Denver

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Post One From Knox

I know the song, I knew a girl whose face could launch a thousand ships. Without the fanfare I gotta get it rolling somehow. My nickname is Knox. Some call me other things, other names… a clever person (or stalker) can easily figure it out but I write under under Knox to provide some safety […]

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