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Seat Of Pants Web Development

Plan your website BEFORE you build it. Before you tweak a template or a line of code, draw up a clear set of goals.

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Imitation Is Flattering

It amuses me whenever I run a successful SEO campaign and find others mimicking certain parts of my work. I chuckle because they have inevitably copied some words but failed to duplicate the strategy and tactics behind the campaign. Then while you high-five yourselves after ranking for something as amazing as your domain name, I’ll […]

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Don’t Look At Me – YOU Killed Your Website

After a website becomes successful, after the SEO is on to newer projects, it happens. A phone rings on the hip of the SEO responsible for that beautiful 1st page search result of last month. “What happened? Why did it fall?” Here it is: short list.

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Throwing SEO Bones Over Cliff

I just have to say how satisfying it is to mislead a competitor’s seo or webmaster by throwing out misinformation on forums you know they use as a resource. Hey, maybe in 6 months we’ll be competitors again. Hint: Using Front Page on your site places a generator tag in your source, and flags your […]

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