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Real Estate SEO – Defamation Per se

Defamation Per se Some statements are so defamatory that they are considered defamation per se; and the plaintiff does not have to prove that the statements harmed his reputation or that the statements were false. The classic examples of defamation per se are allegations of serious sexual misconduct; allegations of serious criminal misbehavior; or allegations […]

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Real Estate SEO Ugliness and Libel

Sloppy and unethical SEO’s are walking a fine line between competitive SEO and committing crimes. I’m getting a lot of queries for some terms that most wouldn’t see on this site for the posts containing those words are now deep inside. I’m also getting a lot of hits from known ip’s that are watching and […]

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Moving On

I rarely retract the truth, but am withdrawing this article because of the ethical choices made by the article subject. Everyone makes mistakes, and I’ve needed 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th…) chances too. All comments from before are off as well.Thanks diggers, let me know if you ever need recip.In case you’re here to see something […]

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