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Denver SEO, I’m Out. Newer and Better Things Now, & Why

I’d like to take this time to let you know that while I may not have been blogging for a while and apparently taking a break from the Denver seo world – you’re right. Though I’ll still take clients referred to me I am not actively competing with other seo professionals in Denver. (Truth be […]

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Denver SEO claims, tactics etc…. puke

I’ve learned there’s a newcomer to the Denver SEO scene that is claiming they own the term “Denver SEO”.  I guess this spammer has been trying to top rankings for the term (try referrals buddy) and thinks it’s so important to accuse competitors of trying to “steal” his trademark.  Simply by paying 20 bucks to […]

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SEO, Music, Driving – umm, yeah.

The video is lame and shaky, but it doesn’t really matter – it’s visual filler. I’ve taken this month “off” from work, yes – spent it with family and close friends. During this local vacation I took advantage of the light winter.  Before the recent storm hit I drove up to Conifer with my friend […]

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Social Networking – Knox Style

Ok ok ok.  Not what you’d think but I had a good time, so it’s worth it.  Last night I sent a tweet saying “Hey, meet us for a drink and I’ll talk about ya” and a couple showed up. A friend named Jim who’s a Calgary real estate agent showed his desire too, but […]

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SEO Speaker

I wrote about an seo fraud in the Denver seo space several months back.  I was thinking about placing a video there about the seo speaker that was selling his inept seo services on that post admitting to a fraud. I’m writing this post to place another web property out there to use if this […]

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New SEO Website Launches Into Space

The site that we don’t talk about was kicked off early on Monday and wow – I got a bit overwhelmed. Over 3,200 page loads.  (The number of uniques were already anticipated)  Granted, the number isn’t earth shattering for a site like that but keep in mind the small member base.  Also considering day one […]

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SEO Fight Club "Opens" Soon

I’ve written about the Fight Club and wanted to show that it’s a real thing.  I don’t write about SEO on this blog as often as expected and that was for a reason. Instead of giving everything away to the world I’m keeping it underground and

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EBA, Fight Club, Blogroll and Odds

The URL of this domain is odd, I know.  I REALLY don’t want to change it for the links built are natural, from blogs and tech forums and the nightmare of emailing… you get the idea. I’m seasoning other urls for the “business” side of this as some know but I’m still left with this […]

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Thanks To SEO Mentors and Fans

After believing

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Learnin’ Some SEO, Eh

Update – Sep. 20 2009.  I’m back now and added some pics of the trip. I’ll be in Nanaimo, BC (that’s in Canada, Mr. Oakley) this September 15-18 attending the REW SEO conference.  I’m pretty excited to see that part of the world and meet some people I’ve chatted with for years but never physically […]

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Denver SEO Fraud and Knox Update

The Denver SEO fraud! I was a little upset when I was contacted last month from a “client” that was pretty upset that “I” took a bunch of money from them and didn’t provide the contracted service. “Ummm…. Who are you?” It turns out there’s an “SEO Speaker” here in Denver that is selling THEIR […]

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Denver SEO Bandwagon – Join Me

I’m jumping on the social bandwagon. Join me at LinkedIn for Denver SEO and let’s help each other out.

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A Bust Gut & Clean Colon

This morning started light. I blog, so I also read blogs. Sometime I cross a headline that makes my dog wonder what’s wrong with me as his ears perk up while I spontaneously bust out laughing. Two of them here. First was found by David Naylor and the headline is Great tits cope well with […]

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Denver SEO, iPhones and Randomness

It’s time. It needs to happen. This site is a mess, unfocused and confusing – I know. It was fun, allowed me to play and explore without hurting clients. I never expected some of what has happened and have for a time been reluctant to change things. The size of this blog, all the sub-wordpress […]

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Web Design Colors Tool – Add Knox Picker to any Website for Free

Web designers, I’m offering a color-picker tool today. It’s linked over on the sidebar for easy reference if you want to use it later. Web designers can add this to their site for their clients. If a client finds a color palette desirable for their web site, the three RGB numbers can be used to […]

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Denver SEO & Reputation Management

Wow, I really do go a while without writing about SEO. So while I mostly throw out tips and toys I need to remind myself (you?) that I run a Reputation Management network from Denver and I’m pretty much the only real SEO in Denver. Though there are some others with “SEO packages” they really […]

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