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Denver Now Calming Down from Creepy Black Helicopter Scare

Last week while scanning logs for this blog I saw something odd, a large number of hits for search terms relating to “Denver” and “black helicopters”. I had no idea that military

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Competition for Attention

Starbucks is the second office to many, especially me. It’s great for meetings and banter. The atmosphere is wonderful and caters to the family as well. My iPhone gives me the opportunity to capture the oddities of my town while appearing to be working. SEO is a little more difficult than what this confused lady […]

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God Reads the Knox Blog

Turns out God reads this blog. I received an email that says: “May God find you and touches your heart once and for all to stop the attitude you’ve taken upon you with this web site to condem many.” It was from “” so I gave it some attention. It was also from the same […]

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Opportunity of a Lifetime – No

I was first approached about a month ago by a large Internet company in California that most of you have heard of about working for them. Some of you know this, that I’ve been considering the seducing opportunity but my decision is to stay in Denver. Yes, a substantial salary was offered, a great work […]

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I’m Lucky, I Know – Fort Knox

For those who groan at braggadociuos posts just move on. (Most likely to a different site) Several days ago I threw up a video on Denver in 3D using Google Earth. Coincidentally, I experienced the same thing personally yesterday. Yes, this is skite, but there’s nothing like being picked up in a helicopter by a […]

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Better WordPress Header Images

I love WordPress, but it’s pretty dang ugly out of the box. Yes, there are many free themes you can download, some of them are nicer looking, most suck for SEO, some are average and a couple are pretty good. Most avid bloggers don’t want a blog that looks like another, so a

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Denver in 3D – Google Earth

Found this video showcasing Google Earth and Denver at It’s pretty cool, shows our home (well mine) and I thought it was fun to play around with Google Earth again, it’s addictive.

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Denver SEO & Reputation Management

Wow, I really do go a while without writing about SEO. So while I mostly throw out tips and toys I need to remind myself (you?) that I run a Reputation Management network from Denver and I’m pretty much the only real SEO in Denver. Though there are some others with “SEO packages” they really […]

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c|net – “Knox Has a Reputation”

I was emailed today and notified I was mentioned on c|net. Cool – my template for iPhone web apps was the story. Executive Editor, Tom Merritt at c|net networks says that I “have a reputation”, have “great friendly hacker tools” and that I’ve “been around a while”. I’m happy to have been featured for the […]

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Denver SEO Shoots Straight

Going back to what I do, I’m an SEO here in Denver. I was asked today about my little tagline I use in email: “A Denver SEO That Shoots Straight” I used to have and here it is. It’s a play on words. In my former life I was an officer. Today, I’m an SEO. […]

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Knoxin’ Back

I know, I’ve deviated from the type of articles this site is supposed to be about. But, rest assured there are several in the pipe that will show you how to write web copy, make more money with your site, some SEO jems and more. Honestly, I have a real job too and have been […]

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Idea From Denver PD

Yes, I got ANOTHER ticket! My time of badging out of traffic stops is over. I’ve invested in 360` radar/laser detectors. Light refracting license plate covers (for those stupid photo red light jobs) and I keep a live feed of dispatch running on one speaker. Ok, I COULD slow down, I know, but if that’s […]

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Focus Is Key To Online Success

Just have to say how nice it is to FINALLY have a client that is interested in their web presence as I am. Too often (especially the last 6 months for me) I find people who has a great idea. They want is marketed to the moon and back. We meet, we talk, we plan…. […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. And Sarah, Dena, Samantha, Kelly, Kelly, Nikki, Nicki, Evy, Serina, Patti, Rae, Carol, Lakiesha, Shaniqua and Lasagna.

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I recently helped an associate who sadly was not happy with their host. So, they came to me for some REAL SEO and help. They used of Denver for a few years. Now, this WONDERFUL company REFUSED to allow access to their server, refused to

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Adsense – Sure, It’s YOUR $

I’ve said I’m not having adsense on this blog, but with the added traffic over the last week, well, I take it back. Plus I had to remove it from another site, grrrr. I am NOT asking anyone to click on them! Don’t do it!!

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