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I recently helped an associate who sadly was not happy with their host. So, they came to me for some REAL SEO and help. They used of Denver for a few years. Now, this WONDERFUL company REFUSED to allow access to their server, refused to

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Imitation Is Flattering

It amuses me whenever I run a successful SEO campaign and find others mimicking certain parts of my work. I chuckle because they have inevitably copied some words but failed to duplicate the strategy and tactics behind the campaign. Then while you high-five yourselves after ranking for something as amazing as your domain name, I’ll […]

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Quick Logo SEO Kung Fu

There are several ways to make that first inch of your website – your logo, help your overall SEO efforts. Most sites have a logo called, get this – “logo.jpg”! Wow that’s so unique. Here’s a 2 minute way to optimize your logo code to help your rank as well as your users.

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