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Always Blame the Web Guy

Rant: I received a BUNCH of email over night. I was a little confused because there wasn’t any content in the BODY of any of them.  This person was pretty irritated too – hinted by the PARAGRAPHS of text put in the SUBJECT line of each msg. YES – Their email was getting bounced back […]

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Top Dozen Knox Articles

Looking over my logs I’ve found the top dozen most popular articles I’ve posted (ratio of views/day) and have listed them below. Together they really do cover the purpose of this blog, so I guess I’m happy. Greg Boser Dispatches The Black Helicopters – Complaints from a realtor that blames an SEO for his trouble. […]

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5 Nifty WordPress Plug-ins

Yes I use WordPress – it’s awesome. I got an email asking what plug-ins I use here, but I’ll get to that another time Here are some plug-ins that I don’t use, but LOVE. I’ll get them in here in time, but use these on client sites. Take a look at them, they’re all pretty […]

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Tom Antion Shakes-Down Mentee

For some delusional reason, Tom Antion with his apparent narcissistic personality disorder believes that people OWE HIM MONEY if they make money on their own.

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Failed SEOs Become “Web Marketers”

There’s nothing wrong with increasing traffic to a website by making it genuinely informative and sufficiently alluring to attract links from other websites and bloggers! I don’t decry the practice of boosting, I’M AN SEO! HOWEVER, I do object to the means that some firms and people use to achieve it.

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Tom Antion – Refunding Mentees?

Turns out Tom Antion had a snide retort after getting caught spamming and his stupid mass email on his blogspot blog. Yes, comments are disabled apparently because he can’t allow anyone to show the hypocrisy behind his latest spam. He speaks of novice webmasters while his comments are at blogger.

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Cheating Online Bites You Back

Today I’ll talk about email, privacy and the gut dropping feeling people get when they get “caught” by their spouses. A woman contacted me freaking out because her husband “found” some personal email of hers. The messages were harmless out of context, but did bring things into a fair perspective when coupled with behavior.

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Tom Antion (guru) A Hypocrite

Tom Antion, the self proclaimed Internet Marketing Guru, has recently sent out a mass mailing with an insulting and inaccurate subject and message. The subject line states “your links are wrong on your website” Hey Tom, thanks for the analysis, thanks for the lies. It certainly set the tone for the rest of your email […]

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Apple Mail Image Spam Solution

Apple users that are using Mail as their email client are getting barraged with image spam. Below are the types of spam getting through the relatively effective Mail spam filter. Images like these:

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Seo’s vs. Spammers (Cowards)

Doorway pages that redirect us without explanation, synthetic pages auto-generated by software, pages like toilet paper containing nothing but links, pages without exits except an ad to click, pages with ads disguised as menus, pages containing long lists of every conceivable search query but no information.

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Are You An Angry Poster?

We’ve all done it (I do it too often) but there’s a place for it. Don’t post when you’re angry. Forums are great places for “heated exchanges” (it actually brings in traffic) but in general, an angry post is usually something the author regrets.

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Don’t Look At Me – YOU Killed Your Website

After a website becomes successful, after the SEO is on to newer projects, it happens. A phone rings on the hip of the SEO responsible for that beautiful 1st page search result of last month. “What happened? Why did it fall?” Here it is: short list.

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