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Custom Flash Slideshows

Creating your own custom flash slideshow is easy when you have a starting point. Real estate agents like these, they’re the greatest. Here it is. Download the flash slideshow template at the end of this post and start creating your own that you can incorporate into your web site and wow the world.

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The Home Page Dilemma

Ever notice that websites’ most relevant information is often times a click or two away from the home page? There’s a contact page, an about page, services or product page, etc. After all these supporting sub-pages are written, businesses seem to be scratching their heads.

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What A Satisfying Shame

What a great day! A major competitor of a client of mine has panicked. Don’t get me wrong, I really respect this company, and they’ve been a worthy adversary for a time. They must have thought the same of my client because they have completely rewritten their website. Yes the site is beautiful. Yes the […]

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