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Knox "Logo" Changes Explained

The “logo” on this site has changed over time. Actually, it’s not a logo – I don’t want a little drawing to represent me or what I do.  What I have up there is just a symbol and I’ll explain the evolution and it’s beginning. I’ll start with the end:  Below is a frame series […]

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Better WordPress Header Images

I love WordPress, but it’s pretty dang ugly out of the box. Yes, there are many free themes you can download, some of them are nicer looking, most suck for SEO, some are average and a couple are pretty good. Most avid bloggers don’t want a blog that looks like another, so a

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Your Image & Your Website

Businesses, institutions and governments all use the same tools and broadcast media – the buildings, logos, websites, brochures, press releases and speeches – all to convey their “image”, their “brand”. Individually and collectively the difficulty begins when we cross the line of believability – when that image we have for these businesses and individuals are […]

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Online Brochures Redundant Failures

Try it – ask a business “why do you want a brochure?” and they will just stare at you like you just said something you weren’t supposed to bring up. A brochure is a given – a standard procedure, a marketing cliché. This is why so many websites are failures – they are no more […]

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