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Google PR Splashback

The diagram to the right is to aid you guys who may later complain about splashback. Here’s a quick ramble, not a rant. Another common sense issue. A while back I wrote about some sites getting “penalized” by Google after the discovery of some spammy techniques used to boost their search rankings. I bring this […]

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Focus Is Key To Online Success

Just have to say how nice it is to FINALLY have a client that is interested in their web presence as I am. Too often (especially the last 6 months for me) I find people who has a great idea. They want is marketed to the moon and back. We meet, we talk, we plan…. […]

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How To Win Sales & Influence Spiders

I met a colleague at Starbucks this morning and he had a copy of “How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders” by Catherine (Cat) Seda with him. Check it out over there —-> Considering I was recently bantering with her on another blog a few days ago about the differences between SEO and “Web Marketing”, […]

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Failed SEOs Become “Web Marketers”

There’s nothing wrong with increasing traffic to a website by making it genuinely informative and sufficiently alluring to attract links from other websites and bloggers! I don’t decry the practice of boosting, I’M AN SEO! HOWEVER, I do object to the means that some firms and people use to achieve it.

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Cheating Online Bites You Back

Today I’ll talk about email, privacy and the gut dropping feeling people get when they get “caught” by their spouses. A woman contacted me freaking out because her husband “found” some personal email of hers. The messages were harmless out of context, but did bring things into a fair perspective when coupled with behavior.

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Web 2.0 Explained By Video

Good video, and asks a few questions we talk about here.

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Seo’s vs. Spammers (Cowards)

Doorway pages that redirect us without explanation, synthetic pages auto-generated by software, pages like toilet paper containing nothing but links, pages without exits except an ad to click, pages with ads disguised as menus, pages containing long lists of every conceivable search query but no information.

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People Empowered By Web, Not Business

Business does not drive the web, people do. Most businesses miss this, and in part, what I believe, contributed to the implosion. Companies saw the web only as a new marketing opportunity to sell more widgets.

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Connectivity Instigates Creativity, Creation?

Our brains are composed of millions of individual neurons which are not connected, but do have simple input/output devices, a basic firing mechanism allowing a neuron to connect with another, or a network of neurons. With this architecture we create, grow, interact, organize and participate in the world around us.

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