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Who Do I Look Like? MyHeritage, WTF

Jaz showed me MyHeritage where she had her photo scanned and compared to celebrities.  She’s pretty, so the results would be too, that makes sense. Hers came back with a pattern that mixes Josie Maran, Kate Beckinsale, Fiona Xie, Brooke Burns and Kristin Davis.  Not bad. Then I did mine….  now I have a complex, […]

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Knox Christmas Gift Suggestions

Yes, I say Christmas. Here are my Christmas gift recommendations this year.  They span several genres and I wouldn’t recommend them if I weren’t a happy customer myself. Feet Pajamas! No matter how macho you are, you know you want them.  It’s 3 degrees as I write this and yes, I’m wearing flannel feet pajamas. […]

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Knox "Logo" Changes Explained

The “logo” on this site has changed over time. Actually, it’s not a logo – I don’t want a little drawing to represent me or what I do.  What I have up there is just a symbol and I’ll explain the evolution and it’s beginning. I’ll start with the end:  Below is a frame series […]

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EBA, Fight Club, Blogroll and Odds

The URL of this domain is odd, I know.  I REALLY don’t want to change it for the links built are natural, from blogs and tech forums and the nightmare of emailing… you get the idea. I’m seasoning other urls for the “business” side of this as some know but I’m still left with this […]

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Denver SEO, iPhones and Randomness

It’s time. It needs to happen. This site is a mess, unfocused and confusing – I know. It was fun, allowed me to play and explore without hurting clients. I never expected some of what has happened and have for a time been reluctant to change things. The size of this blog, all the sub-wordpress […]

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Opportunity of a Lifetime – No

I was first approached about a month ago by a large Internet company in California that most of you have heard of about working for them. Some of you know this, that I’ve been considering the seducing opportunity but my decision is to stay in Denver. Yes, a substantial salary was offered, a great work […]

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Over $100,000 Worth of iPhones Saved

It was actually my first app for iPhone but didn’t submit it to Apple. So I did now and they took it. Thanks to all of you who have sought out the wares and used them and left some great comments and sent nice thanks. From all the “Thank yous” this lone app has rescued […]

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WordPress Plug-Ins Powering Knox

NOTE – This list is NOT current anymore, read the date;) Powering… not the right word. I power this blog but I do use some plug-ins. Yes, this blog is built on WordPress. I’ve been asked a few times what plug-ins I use so I’ll list them out and link to where you can get […]

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I’m Lucky, I Know – Fort Knox

For those who groan at braggadociuos posts just move on. (Most likely to a different site) Several days ago I threw up a video on Denver in 3D using Google Earth. Coincidentally, I experienced the same thing personally yesterday. Yes, this is skite, but there’s nothing like being picked up in a helicopter by a […]

Comments ( 8 ) Features a Knox Solution

Apple is featuring an app intended for medical use developed by Health Web I.T. and it utilizes my iPhone template system.

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Denver SEO & Reputation Management

Wow, I really do go a while without writing about SEO. So while I mostly throw out tips and toys I need to remind myself (you?) that I run a Reputation Management network from Denver and I’m pretty much the only real SEO in Denver. Though there are some others with “SEO packages” they really […]

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c|net – “Knox Has a Reputation”

I was emailed today and notified I was mentioned on c|net. Cool – my template for iPhone web apps was the story. Executive Editor, Tom Merritt at c|net networks says that I “have a reputation”, have “great friendly hacker tools” and that I’ve “been around a while”. I’m happy to have been featured for the […]

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Another Time-Suck Found

Ok, while surfin’ I found a great time killer and thought I’d share it with you. I added a photo of me and a partner here to present this great diddy. Create your own show at You can decide, add some politicians or your boss. Found this originally to make a b-day card for […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. And Sarah, Dena, Samantha, Kelly, Kelly, Nikki, Nicki, Evy, Serina, Patti, Rae, Carol, Lakiesha, Shaniqua and Lasagna.

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