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Logomaniacs Mess Up Your Website

The 80’s are long gone – but look around and notice all the downtown buildings all topped with huge neon lit logos – electrified egos of the top floor executives inside them. I live in Denver and the evenings here are dowsed with a glowing blue – residents greet visitors with “welcome to downtown Qwest” […]

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Fire Your Customer Service Fox

How nice! I go to your website and I’m greeted with a big picture of a pretty lady wearing a headset, enthusiastically typing away while talking with a customer – I suppose. Now, this foxy mama is popular – I saw her several times just today. You know her, here she is with some of […]

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Quick Logo SEO Kung Fu

There are several ways to make that first inch of your website – your logo, help your overall SEO efforts. Most sites have a logo called, get this – “logo.jpg”! Wow that’s so unique. Here’s a 2 minute way to optimize your logo code to help your rank as well as your users.

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Web 2.0 In Plain English

You’ve heard it, you wonder what it is, yet you don’t ask. (I understand, you would sound silly) Web 2.0 is a new animal, a new kind of web build – a new experience. Wikipedia defines Web 2.0 as a “second generation of services available over the World Wide Web that lets people collaborate and […]

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