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Google PR Splashback

The diagram to the right is to aid you guys who may later complain about splashback. Here’s a quick ramble, not a rant. Another common sense issue. A while back I wrote about some sites getting “penalized” by Google after the discovery of some spammy techniques used to boost their search rankings. I bring this […]

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Knoxin’ Back

I know, I’ve deviated from the type of articles this site is supposed to be about. But, rest assured there are several in the pipe that will show you how to write web copy, make more money with your site, some SEO jems and more. Honestly, I have a real job too and have been […]

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Who Does Your Blog Serve? – by ProBlogger

This is a great vid from Darren Rowse. He asks some great questions that I really had to think about. Click To Play After listening to Darren, I considered all of it. Hmm…. what do I get out of this blog? As ProBlogger is about “making money from blogging” this site is not that, I […]

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