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Web 2.Oh-My-God

More and more as we work and play services and toys are netting together with web technologies that weren’t in existence at the turn of the millennium, under your nose and in plain sight. Just as we voluntarily accepted the carrying of GPS locators (cell-phones) we are also volunteering our personalities. Would you have done […]

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Top Dozen Knox Articles

Looking over my logs I’ve found the top dozen most popular articles I’ve posted (ratio of views/day) and have listed them below. Together they really do cover the purpose of this blog, so I guess I’m happy. Greg Boser Dispatches The Black Helicopters – Complaints from a realtor that blames an SEO for his trouble. […]

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Cheating Online Bites You Back

Today I’ll talk about email, privacy and the gut dropping feeling people get when they get “caught” by their spouses. A woman contacted me freaking out because her husband “found” some personal email of hers. The messages were harmless out of context, but did bring things into a fair perspective when coupled with behavior.

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Are You An Angry Poster?

We’ve all done it (I do it too often) but there’s a place for it. Don’t post when you’re angry. Forums are great places for “heated exchanges” (it actually brings in traffic) but in general, an angry post is usually something the author regrets.

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MySpace The Modern Confessional

It amazes me how often people search for themselves by name on the Internet. Are these people paranoid? Scared? Guilty? Server logs and tracking scripts give such insight to the psychology of web surfers- from what they search for, what interests them, where they work to their actual internet usage – it’s all so fascinating.

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Without Sniffin’

I just disturbed myself. God I love her, but I’m a little confused. A long friend of mine has just gotten a new puppy, I guess all puppies are new. This puppy now has a MySpace profile. I understand there are many reasons to create numerous profiles, but I know it’s not for any reason […]

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‘Brand New’ Brand New To Me

I discovered a new band called brand new. I have no idea how new they are, but I’m not real hip. I still listen to music I liked in high school. My younger friends ask me if I would wear a bandana around my leg if I could get away with it. I never did […]

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