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Over $100,000 Worth of iPhones Saved

It was actually my first app for iPhone but didn’t submit it to Apple. So I did now and they took it. Thanks to all of you who have sought out the wares and used them and left some great comments and sent nice thanks. From all the “Thank yous” this lone app has rescued […]

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Google PR Splashback

The diagram to the right is to aid you guys who may later complain about splashback. Here’s a quick ramble, not a rant. Another common sense issue. A while back I wrote about some sites getting “penalized” by Google after the discovery of some spammy techniques used to boost their search rankings. I bring this […]

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Fixing iPhone Stuck Pixels

Update: iPhone 7 and 7+ Compatible This is the exact original solution featured on C-NET. We hope it helps you resolve some frustration with those annoying stuck pixels:) You love your iPhone, but like me, you may have began to see some stuck pixels. Stuck pixels are not dead pixels – they’re stuck on a color […]

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