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Another Time-Suck Found

Ok, while surfin’ I found a great time killer and thought I’d share it with you. I added a photo of me and a partner here to present this great diddy. Create your own show at You can decide, add some politicians or your boss. Found this originally to make a b-day card for […]

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Failed SEOs Become “Web Marketers”

There’s nothing wrong with increasing traffic to a website by making it genuinely informative and sufficiently alluring to attract links from other websites and bloggers! I don’t decry the practice of boosting, I’M AN SEO! HOWEVER, I do object to the means that some firms and people use to achieve it.

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Tom Antion – Refunding Mentees?

Turns out Tom Antion had a snide retort after getting caught spamming and his stupid mass email on his blogspot blog. Yes, comments are disabled apparently because he can’t allow anyone to show the hypocrisy behind his latest spam. He speaks of novice webmasters while his comments are at blogger.

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Cheating Online Bites You Back

Today I’ll talk about email, privacy and the gut dropping feeling people get when they get “caught” by their spouses. A woman contacted me freaking out because her husband “found” some personal email of hers. The messages were harmless out of context, but did bring things into a fair perspective when coupled with behavior.

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Funny Google Searches

Dang it’s late, need to sleep but first I checked some logs. I found some funny Google searches that hit a couple of my sites. Funny Search (didn’t remember typing this one) Very Funny Search – hope I don’t get in trouble. Hey, WHO would search that anyway!!? And the funniest of all – Read […]

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Another Babe Clone

I wrote a silly article in November about using template pics for a website, and how they can hurt you when it comes to trust on the internet. Well, I found her again, not my favorite customer service babe, but she’s getting very popular. This one is from a real estate service – this chick […]

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New Office Attitudes for 2007

I’ve been told I’m a little sarcastic in my articles – that’s not sarcasm, but confidence. Ok, sarcasm too. So, to keep things light I’m ordering some new office posters. We’ve all seen those things – the rowboats visually presenting a “teamwork” metaphor and other silly things to “motivate” the 8-5 corporate soldiers.

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Risking It All With My Secrets

Though most people here are to learn about SEO or to just see what my opinions are from day to day, I am always weighing how much information I should offer. Some people have told me “careful not to say too much” but I think it’s fair to share. To show that I’m a nice […]

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Fire Your Customer Service Fox

How nice! I go to your website and I’m greeted with a big picture of a pretty lady wearing a headset, enthusiastically typing away while talking with a customer – I suppose. Now, this foxy mama is popular – I saw her several times just today. You know her, here she is with some of […]

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