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Focus Is Key To Online Success

Just have to say how nice it is to FINALLY have a client that is interested in their web presence as I am. Too often (especially the last 6 months for me) I find people who has a great idea. They want is marketed to the moon and back. We meet, we talk, we plan…. […]

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Tom Antion – Refunding Mentees?

Turns out Tom Antion had a snide retort after getting caught spamming and his stupid mass email on his blogspot blog. Yes, comments are disabled apparently because he can’t allow anyone to show the hypocrisy behind his latest spam. He speaks of novice webmasters while his comments are at blogger.

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Tom Antion (guru) A Hypocrite

Tom Antion, the self proclaimed Internet Marketing Guru, has recently sent out a mass mailing with an insulting and inaccurate subject and message. The subject line states “your links are wrong on your website” Hey Tom, thanks for the analysis, thanks for the lies. It certainly set the tone for the rest of your email […]

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Seat Of Pants Web Development

Plan your website BEFORE you build it. Before you tweak a template or a line of code, draw up a clear set of goals.

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Dictating SEO Strategy To Your SEO – BAD Idea

Nikola Tesla gave us AC power transmission, the coil transformer, wireless communication and hundreds of other inventions. Tesla was not only an inventor and electrical engineer but was also a great visual thinker. He could “see” an entire system in his head and often didn’t test his ideas in a lab. If he tested them […]

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Imitation Is Flattering

It amuses me whenever I run a successful SEO campaign and find others mimicking certain parts of my work. I chuckle because they have inevitably copied some words but failed to duplicate the strategy and tactics behind the campaign. Then while you high-five yourselves after ranking for something as amazing as your domain name, I’ll […]

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Risking It All With My Secrets

Though most people here are to learn about SEO or to just see what my opinions are from day to day, I am always weighing how much information I should offer. Some people have told me “careful not to say too much” but I think it’s fair to share. To show that I’m a nice […]

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Don’t Look At Me – YOU Killed Your Website

After a website becomes successful, after the SEO is on to newer projects, it happens. A phone rings on the hip of the SEO responsible for that beautiful 1st page search result of last month. “What happened? Why did it fall?” Here it is: short list.

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SEO As Afterthought Can Kill Your Business

I can understand the thought process. A company holds a meeting and it’s decided that they want/need a website. They shop around, gather bids and ultimately write a huge check to some firm or somebody for a state-of-the-art website with so many bells and whistles that it would make Cpt. Kirk envious. This company has […]

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