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Tom Antion – Refunding Mentees?

Turns out Tom Antion had a snide retort after getting caught spamming and his stupid mass email on his blogspot blog. Yes, comments are disabled apparently because he can’t allow anyone to show the hypocrisy behind his latest spam. He speaks of novice webmasters while his comments are at blogger.

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Web 2.0 Explained By Video

Good video, and asks a few questions we talk about here.

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Another Babe Clone

I wrote a silly article in November about using template pics for a website, and how they can hurt you when it comes to trust on the internet. Well, I found her again, not my favorite customer service babe, but she’s getting very popular. This one is from a real estate service – this chick […]

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Dictating SEO Strategy To Your SEO – BAD Idea

Nikola Tesla gave us AC power transmission, the coil transformer, wireless communication and hundreds of other inventions. Tesla was not only an inventor and electrical engineer but was also a great visual thinker. He could “see” an entire system in his head and often didn’t test his ideas in a lab. If he tested them […]

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Your Image & Your Website

Businesses, institutions and governments all use the same tools and broadcast media – the buildings, logos, websites, brochures, press releases and speeches – all to convey their “image”, their “brand”. Individually and collectively the difficulty begins when we cross the line of believability – when that image we have for these businesses and individuals are […]

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Online Brochures Redundant Failures

Try it – ask a business “why do you want a brochure?” and they will just stare at you like you just said something you weren’t supposed to bring up. A brochure is a given – a standard procedure, a marketing cliché. This is why so many websites are failures – they are no more […]

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MySpace The Modern Confessional

It amazes me how often people search for themselves by name on the Internet. Are these people paranoid? Scared? Guilty? Server logs and tracking scripts give such insight to the psychology of web surfers- from what they search for, what interests them, where they work to their actual internet usage – it’s all so fascinating.

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Web Death Default -No SEO Can Save You

With so many people using the Internet today from shopping to banking, research to just killing time at their hourly 8-5 cubicle job in that big glass building you G.E.D. types have, we are all inundated with new website designs and layouts. Just as the term “banner blindness” was coined because web page elements that […]

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Fire Your Customer Service Fox

How nice! I go to your website and I’m greeted with a big picture of a pretty lady wearing a headset, enthusiastically typing away while talking with a customer – I suppose. Now, this foxy mama is popular – I saw her several times just today. You know her, here she is with some of […]

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Tell Them It’s Google Probation

There always come the time you’re asked about the “sandbox” by your clients – the “time delay”, whatever you may call it, whatever they may think it is. While it’s possible to defeat this “filter” you need to be cautious and not promise success. Instead, I resort to a little metaphor I call “probation” and […]

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