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Denver Design, Video, Music & Photography is a small design company in South Denver that is truly unique.  I met these people at a coffee shop and at first glance I thought they were competitors.  After some talking and meeting the principals I found that we are very different. Media with a conscience is how they describe their company.  Jeremy […]

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Jimmy Buffett – Success While Relaxing

Jimmy has been motivating me lately (I really need my beach), thought I’d share a great 7 min clip “Far Side of The Word” – a classic song with a great video track. Huh? You wanted an SEO article? There’s one below this one. Relax! Jimmy will help.

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c|net – “Knox Has a Reputation”

I was emailed today and notified I was mentioned on c|net. Cool – my template for iPhone web apps was the story. Executive Editor, Tom Merritt at c|net networks says that I “have a reputation”, have “great friendly hacker tools” and that I’ve “been around a while”. I’m happy to have been featured for the […]

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Video On WordPress – Zero IQ Solution

I’ve talked to many about video and websites, WordPress and how to put it all together. Many people have discovered that embedding a YouTube video to their WordPress blog theme can break it up. True. Though fixing it in the code view of your article is one solution, there’s great little plugin that will do […]

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Who Does Your Blog Serve? – by ProBlogger

This is a great vid from Darren Rowse. He asks some great questions that I really had to think about. Click To Play After listening to Darren, I considered all of it. Hmm…. what do I get out of this blog? As ProBlogger is about “making money from blogging” this site is not that, I […]

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