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Top Dozen Knox Articles

Looking over my logs I’ve found the top dozen most popular articles I’ve posted (ratio of views/day) and have listed them below. Together they really do cover the purpose of this blog, so I guess I’m happy. Greg Boser Dispatches The Black Helicopters – Complaints from a realtor that blames an SEO for his trouble. […]

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3 AdWords CTR Improvement Tips

Playing with Google can be lots of fun, but some may want a few tips before playing. There are a few types of AdWords users. 1 – Companies trying to drive people to their websites to sell goods and services. 2 – People who want to drive people to their websites to push more ads […]

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electricstores.com (PUKE) Hiding Links on Client Sites

I recently helped an associate who sadly was not happy with their host. So, they came to me for some REAL SEO and help. They used electricstores.com of Denver for a few years. Now, this WONDERFUL company REFUSED to allow access to their server, refused to

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Failed SEOs Become “Web Marketers”

There’s nothing wrong with increasing traffic to a website by making it genuinely informative and sufficiently alluring to attract links from other websites and bloggers! I don’t decry the practice of boosting, I’M AN SEO! HOWEVER, I do object to the means that some firms and people use to achieve it.

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