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Simply The Easiest Way To Go Mobile

Most of the people coming to this site are looking for ways to create iPhone web sites or web applications.  Without the need to find your way through the cumbersome Apple SDK or learn to code, iKnox is providing a way for almost anyone to quickly build (and be proud of) mobile projects. The great […]

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iKnox 2.0 – Not Just an iPhone Template

Something different. Something easier. Something better. Have you ever wanted an App enabled mobile site but don’t know how to build one? The truth is that if you can use WordPress, you’re already an expert. Do you want it to FEEL native and fluid? Do you want to manage not just the content but all […]

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The Website Is Down

A friend of mine in Louisville sent me a video today that just had me rollin’ in laughter.  For anyone working on the net this will crack you up.  The number of little jokes, nerd humor, frustrations and client assumptions are amazing.  This poor guy can’t even play Halo without getting interrupted. Thanks Scott!

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New SEO Website Launches Into Space

The site that we don’t talk about was kicked off early on Monday and wow – I got a bit overwhelmed. Over 3,200 page loads.  (The number of uniques were already anticipated)  Granted, the number isn’t earth shattering for a site like that but keep in mind the small member base.  Also considering day one […]

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Custom Flash Slideshows

Creating your own custom flash slideshow is easy when you have a starting point. Real estate agents like these, they’re the greatest. Here it is. Download the flash slideshow template at the end of this post and start creating your own that you can incorporate into your web site and wow the world.

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Web 2.Oh-My-God

More and more as we work and play services and toys are netting together with web technologies that weren’t in existence at the turn of the millennium, under your nose and in plain sight. Just as we voluntarily accepted the carrying of GPS locators (cell-phones) we are also volunteering our personalities. Would you have done […]

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Denver SEO Shoots Straight

Going back to what I do, I’m an SEO here in Denver. I was asked today about my little tagline I use in email: “A Denver SEO That Shoots Straight” I used to have and here it is. It’s a play on words. In my former life I was an officer. Today, I’m an SEO. […]

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Add Audio To Website Quickly

First – Give Hammer something to groove to: [audio:] [audio:|titles=AdSense Blues|artists=Chris McGaw] Adding some audio to your website is easy – and free! Though there are some companies that charge you to add this type of feature to your site by calling in a testimonial over the phone, having them host the file (with an […]

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Focus Is Key To Online Success

Just have to say how nice it is to FINALLY have a client that is interested in their web presence as I am. Too often (especially the last 6 months for me) I find people who has a great idea. They want is marketed to the moon and back. We meet, we talk, we plan…. […]

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I recently helped an associate who sadly was not happy with their host. So, they came to me for some REAL SEO and help. They used of Denver for a few years. Now, this WONDERFUL company REFUSED to allow access to their server, refused to

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Always PAY Your Graphic Artist

So, I’m building a site about Shiba Inus. (those are dogs) I have a shiba, great dog. His tail really is his signature. I AM NOT an artist, but my friend is. So, naturally I asked him to draw a picture of a Shiba Inu and to get that signature tail in it. Here’s My […]

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Adsense – Sure, It’s YOUR $

I’ve said I’m not having adsense on this blog, but with the added traffic over the last week, well, I take it back. Plus I had to remove it from another site, grrrr. I am NOT asking anyone to click on them! Don’t do it!!

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Seat Of Pants Web Development

Plan your website BEFORE you build it. Before you tweak a template or a line of code, draw up a clear set of goals.

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People Empowered By Web, Not Business

Business does not drive the web, people do. Most businesses miss this, and in part, what I believe, contributed to the implosion. Companies saw the web only as a new marketing opportunity to sell more widgets.

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Another Babe Clone

I wrote a silly article in November about using template pics for a website, and how they can hurt you when it comes to trust on the internet. Well, I found her again, not my favorite customer service babe, but she’s getting very popular. This one is from a real estate service – this chick […]

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Dictating SEO Strategy To Your SEO – BAD Idea

Nikola Tesla gave us AC power transmission, the coil transformer, wireless communication and hundreds of other inventions. Tesla was not only an inventor and electrical engineer but was also a great visual thinker. He could “see” an entire system in his head and often didn’t test his ideas in a lab. If he tested them […]

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