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On "Design"

The heart of strategy, the synthesis of desire and satisfaction, the intersection of form, function and feasibility. The patient and confident collusion of emotion and reason as data is transformed into information, information to knowledge, knowledge to understanding – ultimately expanding lives.

Painting By Michael Parkes

Design is about intent. The reference is to the plan, the strategy, the plot and wandering path followed to accomplish a goal. It starts with an idea, bringing it to life, building “smart” with the future, your visitors, and search in mind.

Design is the planning that brings the idea to reality. It’s the plan – to think and to act on the thought, to feel, express and finally share the feeling. At the end of it all, it’s distilling information to achieve an understanding – connecting with others and sharing an experience.

Design is an evolution – it’s endless. Though a website can be an extension of a business, a personality or something more abstract, it should be the hub of your brand, your essence.

Design is not a noun – a logo, a product or even a website.

Design is a verb – a process, taking visual, linear, lateral and creative thinking. More often than not it takes humility and an eagerness to learn, to risk and to grow while the world grows with us.

It takes an active, restless and relentless curiosity about the world and observation of people haphazardly interacting with every part of it. It involves perception, dreaming, analysis, reasoning, change and control. With it comes distinction, grace and value.

It’s the realization of ideas. Designing the idea really begins with seeing – not just the reality in front of us, but the reality that could be there.

The web today is the single most important tool of the century – be it in business, government or social realms – all institutions are involved. Though websites today are getting faster, look a little nicer and offer a little more information, most sites are only a digital wrapper – an extension of printed media.

But, today the web is far more reaching, far more intelligent and powerful than realized. It is meek – the potential realized or recognized by few, exploited by less – though we all know it’s there. Despite uncertainty, greed and despair often associated with the web because of its’ ugliness and misuse, it’s a part of our life. It’s a fact of life.

I believe the web is about expanding potential, and that begins with the exchange of ideas. It’s about communication. Far too many businesses and web “designers” use and provide it as a one-way device – void of exchange, hence denying communication and new ideas.