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What They Think

Knox is one of the most skilled persons on the web today. His expertise on SEO, Mobile solutions & Programming allow him to provide products that are truly unique & powerful for today’s competitive marketplace. Knox’s innovation will separate you from your competition.

Jon Karlen – Louisville Real Estate

An intuitive iPhone system by a branding genius. Knox is a talented professional and an authority is his field, creating products as original as he is.

Kerri Demski – North Vancouver Listings

Knox is like the floating thing that skims along the water and helps keep the SEO gene pool clean. A solid guy and an SEO’s kind of SEO. If you are client of Knox’s and are perchance reading this…you have selected well in having someone help you build you online authority. ’nuff said!

Eric Blackwell – EricOnSearch.com

Truly a stand up individual… if you actually take the time to read what he has to say, you will come to respect him as I have. He is creative, intelligent and has a handle on both SEO and reputation management.

Morgan Carey – www.SEO-Guy.com
& CEO RealEstateWebmasters.com

Knox knows mobile!!! From Androids, to iPhones, to iPads, etc, Knox repeatedly sets the bar in the development of innovative, high performance, user orientated, search friendly, mobile web apps. You’ll not be disappointed…

Brian Kinkade – Denver Business Blogs

Knox has been around a while and has a reputation .. Great friendly hacker tools and now has a template for iPhone.

Tom Meritt – C-Net

Hiring a trusted SEO expert can be a daunting task as the choices are endless, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same. Knox is professional, trustworthy and will be able to deliver on your desired results.

Crystal Tost – Calgary Real Estate

Knox is the cream of the crop as it pertains to SEO geniuses. You know what they say about cream rising to the top. Translated = Top placement, Top PR, Top Notch, incredibly talented and wicked smart. The go-to guy with insight into all things SEO. And really fun, to boot! That’s the bonus!

Paula Henry – Indianapolis Real Estate

Even years after the iPhone came out, there is precious little to help building for iPhone without having Knox.

Damon Fransisco

You’re a true genius, know that – I reverse engineer. You ENGINEER.

Kevin Koitz – KoitzGroup.com

What a great solution Knox has come up with for a functional, yet clean and simple mobile web app for Real Estate professionals.  Knox always has his eyes on the future when it comes to technology and SEO.

Bob Lipply – Clearwater Real Estate

My goal was to be on page one of a Google search in some specific targeted markets. I went to page one in less than three weeks. The results speak for themselves.

Brian O’Malley – Public Speaker

Knox Rocks! Knox knows his SEO stuff inside out and is a great guy to work with. I highly recommend working with him if you are looking for an expert to develop your website for maximum organic exposure.

Greg Hoffman – Hoffman & Connolly Advertising

Knox’s use of creditable, obscure, and difficult-to-verify quotes only adds to his brilliance. I once saw him walk across a stream to heal an injured swan. He is love.

Abraham Lincoln